There are many other activities that Sonshine Club children can participate in and all are designed to help improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Able and disabled children are all catered for and helped by professionals and volunteers alike, depending on their needs.

Some of the activities include: 
Nature study
Pony riding
Art groups  ...we are adding to them all the time. Please send us any suggestions!


Snoezelen room/ lending library
Sonshine Club, with funding support from the Clothworkers Trust and Jewish Childs Day, has hired a venue and set it up with a new facility with speciality sensory equipment that offers a Snoezelen environment. This facility is available to all families with a disabled child.

Snoezelen environment was first developed and used widely in the Netherlands and Germany and it offers ‘a controlled, multisensory environment’. This is a proven therapy for people with autism and other developmental issues and helps them regulate themselves from anxiety and other problems.

Children feel safe and comfortable in this environment. They have access to specially designed equipment that would not normally be available to them. We also provide a wide range of toys that they can play with or they can relax with a book. Books and toys can also be borrowed from the lending library. 

comforting-achild-using-a bean-bag