News 2023/24

Sonshine Garden Club

20th anniversary


The Garden Club is older than the Sonshine Club charity itself!
Starting in 2004, it has run every year since and in 2024 will be 20 years old! We are very pleased with the involvement and hard work of all the children that have mucked in and got their hands dirty over all those years, but now we want to expand and really take it up a notch.
The aim in 2024 is for 20 schools and over 2000 children to benefit from the therapeutic effects of the Sonshine Gardening Club.

checking the marrow
veg box

Other news



The Sonshine football club were invited to play a game at Arsenal!
The boys were given a tour and a talk on the Arsenal facilities and then the fun started – a match! This has never happened before – a group of OJ boys invited to Arsenal to play a football match, what a special occasion. The winners? The boys and Arsenal, who we thank very much.
The boys and their parents had a great day and still talk about it.


food certification

Sonshine club staff underwent training, achieving 2 certifications: Allergy and food intolerance and level 2 in Food and Hygiene.
This means we can now provide hot meals to users and their families. Great news for the winter when users spend more time after school in the Friendship Circle premises. Being able to prepare our own food will help combat the increasingly difficult cost of living crisis.


Friendship Circle

Friendship Circle – ran two winter breaks: 
a 4 day camp and 4 full day playscheme.

Fifteen children with disabilities benefitted from a range activities, including a farm visit, swimming, long walks by the beach, drama with BIG Foot and a warming hot meal at the end of each day.