Help us to help them

Sonshine Club was set up to help improve the education,
health and wellbeing of children within the communities of
Hackney and Haringey.

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How we help our children

We provide access to a number of well designed recreational, educational and healthy lifestyle activities regardless of health, financial or social status of the children. All activities are held within safe environments and overseen by qualified, responsible staff. 

Our unique approach in providing both fun and educational components to all activity groups includes enlisting the services of specialists and volunteers to help improve children’s lives.

How you can help us

As a charity, with only part-time employees, we rely on volunteers and skilled professionals to offer vital assistance. With their help we can assist the development of our children's gross and fine motor skills, social and life learning skills, as well as increased mental health and wellbeing. 

To enable successful outcomes from our activities we require funding, especially for the purchase of specialist equipment and venue hire.
If you or your organization are able to help fill these requirements, please eitherCONTACT USorDONATE

Thank you. 

New developments 

There is always a lot happening at Sonshine Club.
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Physiotherapists put the girls through their paces, using a skipping rope to help...


A day out in the local park

The girls have been given a special task – identifying objects found during a nature study.


On ya bike!

This is a real examination of children learning how to use a bike... what to do and what not to do...