Friendship Circle was set up to provide specialist care, learning and fun for children who have severe disabilities and mental health needs.
Over 10 trained and vetted volunteers are regularly involved and are happy to step up whenever a child is in need of assistance.
Our premises are filled with all types of specialist equipment to keep the children occupied, entertained and cared for.

We offer a range of weekly, after school, and out of school hours activities – including half term and bank holidays. 

Week day Club – 4.30-6.30pm
Children aged 11-18 can attend after school. Activities include:
Monday: arts with a professional artist
Tuesday: health and nutrition 
Wednesday: music and yoga
Thursday: fun and fitness with a sports coach
At the end of each session children get a warm supper and free transport home.

Sunday Club – 10.00am-4.30pm
The programme includes:
– Healthy cooking and baking with a hot lunch
– Weekly trip to a farm
– Free play
– Exercise session

Longer breaks
Friendship Circle offer a full 2 week winter holiday programme and a 3 day countryside camp.

We are now planning a 4 day getaway during easter/ passover break and looking towards a full 5 week summer provision.
This will include an interactive programme in a warm and nurturing environment, providing young people with lots of fun.

For more information please call 07393 496967 or use our CONTACT FORM