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Our four key activities…
The Sonshine Club fully endorses and implements government guidelines.

All activities are fully compliant with social distancing, PPE, face coverings as required, regular handwashing and sanitisation of all equipment, before and after use. Surfaces such as door handles, handrails, table tops, toys and electronic devices, along with toilets are cleaned before and after use.
Daily temperate checks are carried out on staff and children attending activities.
Equipment and use of facilities will be managed in separate bubbles with cleaning between sessions. Items lent to families will stay with them for a period of 6 months to avoid cross infection.
During activities and consumption of food, hand hygiene and social distancing, small bubbles and staggered breaks/start and finishing times will be implemented to allow for thorough cleaning between sessions. No food or equipment will be shared.
Indoor activity areas will be large enough to facilitate social distancing for a maximum of 6 children and staff at one time. During all outdoor activities, social distancing will be adhered to. Children and staff will wash their hands after all activities.
Parents/carers will be notified should a staff member become ill. Children within that bubble would be asked not to attend activities and should isolate at home.
Our activities have been adapted to accommodate government guidelines and we will continue to apply these guidelines to ensure all our children and staff are safe.

The proof of the pudding…